Steve Coyne, the Guitarist/Songwriter  undeniably makes music from the heart. Whatever he does with his guitar and whenever he pens a song, his whole being is involved.

With more than 20 years of creating music through licks, riffs and shredding, he creates tunes that come from his years of academic training from Berklee College of Music, rigorous practice, and professional experience. His main instrument is guitar, yet he  also shows prowess on the keyboards. 

Steve Coyne has played with various musical groups that tour around the tri-state and New England areas. They range from fusion, gospel, jazz, pop, and rock. With a vast experience of arranging, composing, and playing different musical genres, Steve Coyne puts his expertise to the max. He has performed alongside smooth jazz artist Ragan Whiteside, gospel virtuoso Jonathan DuBose Jr., national touring musicians Chris McCarvill (Dokken, Jeff Scott Soto, House of Lords) and BJ Zampa ( Yngwie Malmsteen, Dokken, House of Lords, Tony MacAlpine).

His styles are mainly  jazz, fusion and rock and also plays gospel and pop. Currently, he is working on his album while gigging around with local bands around the New England states and New York. 


Copyright 2008 by Stephen Coyne  

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